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Piano Passcode Now Available For Download On Cydia


Piano Passcode Now Available For Download On Cydia

From a few weeks ago we reviewed an upcoming jailbreak tweak called Piano Passcode, for those who don’t know what does it do, the tweak removes the native number passcode and replace it with 7 piano keys, so each time you want to unlock your iPhone you will have to play with the piano.. No more numbers…

Each key of the seven keys makes  a distinctive sound, just as you would expect from a piano. It’s not perfect, but when used correctly, it can do a good job of spicing up the iOS Lock screen. Take a look inside as I break down the ins and out of Piano Passcode, and show you how to go about configuring it to work for you.

After you install the tweak on your iPhone,  the tweak is configured with a passcode of 1234567. This number corresponds to each of the different keys on the keyboard. This means that on initial installation, you’ll simply press the leftmost key and make your way all the way over to the last key on the right in order to unlock your device.

Now if you want to change the passcode, you can go to Settings—> Piano Passcode settings menu. After that you will be asked to create your own specific tune and you have a range from 1-7 tunes.


Piano Passcode contains a preference panel to configure the passcode and other settings. The first page of the panel, found in the Settings app, allows you to toggle the tweak on or off. You’ll also find a section to enable a secure mode, which helps Piano Passcode’s compatibility with other security based jailbreak tweaks such as iCaughtU.
Just after you configure everything and make your own tune, you will have to tap on “Save and respring” to make the tweak take effect. Piano Passcode does technically work when using it in conjunction with a stock passcode, but it’s certainly not recommended. Enabling both results in a small little ‘x’ icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Piano, which can be used to toggle the normal passcode unlock.
Piano Passcode is a very great jailbreak tweak and I have used it before, I’ve found Piano Passcode to be a great way to freshen up the iOS Lock screen unlock experience. The setup of the actual piano tunes could be a bit more intuitive, but other than that, it’s a great tweak that works well if used in standalone mode.

In case you are interested about the tweak, you can purchase the tweak for $0.99 from BigBoss repo.. Enjoy all..

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