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Osito For iPhone: The Old New Now


Osito For iPhone: The Old New Now

(Confusing title I know, but please, read on!)

If you find Now for iOS to be draining your device’s battery and you wish there was another option to replace Siri, I’m glad to tell you there is one. It’s name is Osito – or bear, in Spanish (weird name, right?) – and it does pretty much the same as Google’s assistant. Let me break down how it works.

Osito, like Now, doesn’t work as a native feature on iOS. Instead, it has an app on the App Store that you have to open every time you want to check specific information, such as the weather, calendar events, flight details, etc. To start using Osito you have to quickly create an account by providing a valid email, so the app can use information from there and show it to you when necessary.

In comparison with Now, found within Google’s Search app, Osito is able to notify you through push notifications when an event is getting close or if you can avoid been stuck in traffic by showing you alternate routes – all without you even having to ask OR having to open Osito every time you want to know.

Osito For iPhone: The Old New Now

The last part is something that differentiates Osito from Now and that makes the app stand out, well, because otherwise it’s almost the same (although it was available for iPhone and iPod Touch before Google’s update).

Osito is compatible with the iPad, but is not a universal app, meaning you will have to push the “2x” button to make it fit the tablet’s screen and its resolution will diminish by doing so. To get reminders in the form of push notifications, you will have to go to Settings and enable said function in the “Notifications” section.

Osito For iPhone

Osito’s interface is very slick and simple, with cards that you can just drag away to stop seeing them (cards unused will go to the archive section). Plus, Osito is free of charge. Have you tried it? Do you think it can replace Google Now on an iPhone? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download Osito for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [iTunes Link]

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