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Oppo Find 7a Coming To The UK, Costs £330


Oppo Find 7a Coming To The UK, Costs £330

News James Peckham 11:36, 11 Apr 2014

Oppo’s Find 7a smartphone is coming to the UK to satisfy those jealous of the Oppo Find 7

Oppo’s Find 7 smartphone passed a lot of the western tech media by when it initially only became available in Asia. Now Oppo has decided to release a version for the rest of the world and considering the original model's spec this has piqued a fair bit of interest.

However, while the international version of phone still remains intriguing as a contender an increasingly competetive market, it's worth pointing out that the new model has had its spec watered down somewhat from the original.

The original Oppo Find 7 was announced back in March and will likely hit Asian markets some time during May. The specifications are high-end stuff with a 5.5-inch 2K resolution display (2560x1440 pixels) at 538 pixels-per-inch (ppi).

Inside there will be a Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.5GHz chipset alongside 3GB of RAM. The battery is a 3,000mAh cell and there’s a 13MP rear facing camera.

Now Oppo is releasing the Find 7a for Europe and the US. It’ll be available for €399 in Europe, £330 in the UK and $499 in the US. Even though the specs on the Find 7a have taken a downgrade, it still ostensibly seems like it could be good value for money.

The Find 7a has sacrificed the 2K display for a 5.5-inch 1080x1920 pixel resolution screen, so still full HD. There is a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM, unlike the original’s 3GB. Storage comes in at 16GB with microSD support; you get a 32GB card free if you pre-order.

Like the original Find 7, the Find 7a will run on Android 4.3. There's currently no word on whether it will be receiving the update to 4.4 KitKat soon after launch. The battery is 2,800mAh and has fast charging technology.

Camera wise there’s a 13MP rear-facing snapper and an impressive 5MP front-facing shooter. The Find 7a loses the original models ability to film 4K video but there’s still the ability to put together panoramic shots at 50MP.

YouTube channel FoneArena has been lucky enough to have some hands-on time with the device and has made a video about the phone's gaming performance. With a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip inside alongside 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 graphics it should perform pretty well.

The video shows off how well the Find 7 handles testing with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Nova 3, Dead Trigger 2 and Shadowgun.

There’s also another video showing off the benchmarks of the handset. It uses a bunch of different tests including GFX Bench, Nenamark and AnTuTu. 

The handset will begin to ship in late April and will be available in both black and white. When you pre-order you also get a free spare battery and Easy-Cover case to accompany the extra storage card.

It’s a shame the Find 7 has been downgraded from the high-spec version Asia has received but it’s still got some impressive innards considering the mid-range price.


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