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OpenJailbreak website now open to the public


OpenJailbreak website now open to the public

P0sixninja launched his website OpenJailbreak last month but took it down shortly afterwards. Though we don’t know the actual reason, it could be because of some problems or something was left incomplete. 

Well, that’s then, because the site is now up and running. Earlier in the day, p0sixnina (Joshua Hill) tweeted that can now be accessed by the public and he’s encouraging developers and hackers to take part.

If you’re hearing about this site for the first time, it’s an open source platform for anyone to join and contribute to. The creator says the aim of the website is to keep jailbreak possible for the next generations.

P0sixninja also gave a presentation at JailbreakCon. Here’s a slide:

He said that there are 5 groups of jailbreakers: fanboys and fangirls, users, security researches, developers and the jailbreak developers. Open jailbreak is specifically for the last 3 of the lot.

The entire slide presentation is also available if you want to know more about the presentation. At the moment, there isn’t any video available, but it’s expected soon as the event was streamed live on the net.

At the moment, OpenJailbreak doesn’t sound a lot, with only 6 projects in the pipeline so far. Nevertheless, the creator is positive and says the platform is expected to grow as more people become aware and contribute.

Apart from this project, evad3rs have also spoken out on future jailbreaks, saying they’ve still yet to use several exploits.

What do you think? Is this the KickStarter for the jailbreak community?

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