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One of the Best Online Backup Software for PC


One of the Best Online Backup Software for PC

They say the best backup now, is to backup to cloud. This way, every changes will automatically sync and you should know that there is a solution that is dubbed the best online backup software for pc. Plus, it works exceptionally well as a windows 10 backup solution.


EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.9 is what you need to get started to backup to cloud. With more than 6 million home users worldwide, it is no wonder that is has been called the best online backup software for pc. It provides for a safe backup and recovery solution for all your backup, disk clone and disaster recovery solution. With its one-click system, you can now easily perform files and applications backup to cloud. 
Why backup to cloud is important in the first place? For one, you can use it to create bootable copies of your system drive. Imagine one fine day that you suffer from a system crash, then all you need to do is to recover from the previously working copy and all will be back to normal again. The backup software for PC solution can also back up all of your partitions and restore partitions as well as individual files that suddenly become corrupted. Using this windows 10 backup solution, you can also back up your entire system’s current state, data and settings. All this can easily be done.

Other features inside this useful backup software is Disk/Partition Backup where you can backup to cloud all of your disks, partitions and GPT disks with a full backup, incremental backup, differential backup or schedule backup.

Then we have File Backup which essentially means that it can back up specific files, folders or file types which includes documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos and financial files.

Next there is System Backup, which is a one-click backup for you to backup only the system, fast and without having it interfering with the work that you are currently doing.

Last but not least, there is Disk Clone where you can migrate or copy all the data on a hard disk partition or GPT disk to another disk without having to reinstall your operating system and applications. This means that you can start using your newly bought hard drive or solid state drive in just minutes using this windows 10 backup.

With EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.9, you know that your data is safe and secure as you count on it to backup to cloud. With millions of happy users and highly-rated by the software industry, it is dubbed the best online backup software for PC. If you have already upgraded to the latest OS from Microsoft, then this Windows 10 backup is compatible with it as well.

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