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NYPD Asking iPhone And iPad Users To Update To iOS 7


NYPD Asking iPhone And iPad Users To Update To iOS 7

Well it looks like NYPD (New York Police Delta) is encouraging both iPhone and iPad users to update to iOS 7, but why ? Apparently, the NYPD has been handing out fliers at subway exits and in front of Apple Stores, encouraging people to upgrade to iOS 7 for its new ‘Activation Lock’ security feature.

The above picture was posted on Twitter by World Bank’s Jim Rosenberg, and in this paper you can see that NYPD is asking Apple users to update to iOS 7 and here's why:
  • By downloading the new operating system, should your device be lost or stolen it cannot be reprogrammed without your Apple ID and password
  • The download is of course available for free... 
This is a very normal thing, in a city the crime rate spiked last year due to mobile device thefts—particularly those with a fruit on the back, it’s not surprising to see New York Police spreading the word about iOS 7.

Activation lock is one of the most useful features Apple added into iOS 7, using this feature it will keep criminals from activating your iPhone on a carrier, or otherwise reprogramming it, without your Apple ID and password.

Here's a tweet from a New Yorker citizen: 
And AllThingsD points to a Facebook campaign:
So if you want safety, then I recommend downloading iOS 7 on your iPhone, and if you are worry about the drain battery in iOS 7, then you would kindly check the following post: 
Activation lock will prevent thieves from reprogramming your iPhone, so they won't be able to restore it or else, iTunes will ask for the Apple ID and Password and you are the only one who has the PW...

So what do you think guys ? Will you update to iOS 7 ? 

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