NVIDIA can’t get companies to use their chips, so they’re going to make their own tablets

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 2:22am by Gurpreen

Remember when NVIDIA announced the Tegra 4 earlier this year and promised to deliver the best performance inside a tablet the world has ever seen? Yeah, small problem. No one actually built any tablets that use the Tegra 4. HP actually just launched a Tegra 4 laptop, but if you’re into HP hardware then you’re just weird. Anyway, according to Fudzilla, which is one of the more interesting names for a website I’ve ever heard, NVIDIA will start making their own tablets.

The first tablet, due out this year, will be for budget minded consumers. It’ll have a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution screen and it may or may not have support for a stylus. Think of it as something targeted towards the education sector.

Now it’s the second tablet that’s supposed to be the really interesting one. No name yet, but it’ll use NVIDIA’s next generation Tegra 5 chip that supposedly has a graphics processor which benches off the charts. It’ll be a high-end device and it will bear NVIDIA’s own brand. Unfortunately, it’s not going to go on sale until Q1 2014.

Can NVIDIA get their act together? Of course, and they’re well on their way of doing so after announcing that they’re going to license their technology to chip builders. In essence, NVIDIA will let companies like Apple and Samsung build their own chips with NVIDIA’s graphics processors inside.