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Nintendo DSi XL coming soon in 3D


Nintendo DSi XL coming soon in 3D

The super-sized Nintendo DSi XL (right) launches Sunday. The portable gaming gadget is a larger version of the DSi (middle) with screens 93 percent bigger than the DS Lite (left). But will consumers pay $190 for the DSi XL now that Nintendo promises to launch a new 3-D game device within the next year?

This Sunday, Nintendo will launch its newest portable gaming gadget — the Nintendo DSi XL. This latest version of Nintendo’s best-selling DS game machine is large and in charge with not only an expanded waistline but two super-sized screens.

Nintendo DSi XL or 3DS

But while the DSi XL hasn’t even had a chance to sashay out of its box yet, another portable gaming gadget is already hogging its spotlight. And it’s another portable gaming gadget from Nintendo.

It’s called the Nintendo 3DS … and it doesn’t exist yet.

On Tuesday, as Nintendo was gearing up to roll out the new Nintendo DSi XL in North America, the company stunned the gaming world by issuing an unexpected and unusually brief announcement: It will launch a brand new handheld game machine sometime in the next year that will play games in 3-D without requiring gamers to wear those funny glasses.



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