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Nexus 5 found in a bar, you know what’s next


Nexus 5 found in a bar, you know what’s next

Remember when an Apple employee lost his iPhone 4 in a bar before the iPhone 4 was actually announced and some sleeze bucket found it and sold it to a tech site who then leaked it all over the internet? Well, the same thing just happened with the Nexus 5. According to 9to5Google, a Google employee recently attended a party with his Nexus 5. He put down it down on a table to charge while he went to do something else, probably visit the bathroom or grab another drink. Someone saw the phone, snapped a bunch of pictures, and even recorded two videos.

They’re now on the internet.

What can we tell from these new drunken photos? Nothing, really. Between the FCC leaks and Google’s own accidental Nexus 5 unveiling, there’s literally nothing in these photos that’s considered “new”, but hey, it’s the internet, and the internet just loves this sort of stuff.

When will the Nexus 5 actually be unveiled? Everyone seems to be saying October. Some people are saying mid-October, others are saying late-October. Whatever, October is October is October. And as for the price, prepare for something a bit higher than what you’re used to, because 5.0 inch 1080p screens and Snapdragon 800 chips are not exactly considered cheap commodity items.


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