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Newspaper Bad Mouths Galaxy S5, Gets Sued By Samsung


Newspaper Bad Mouths Galaxy S5, Gets Sued By Samsung

News Richard Goodwin 12:31, 9 Apr 2014

Samsung's turbulent relationship with the press continues in earnest

Samsung has sued a news publication for printing negative comments about its current flagship, the Galaxy S5. The newspaper in question is Korea’s Electric Times. Samsung says the publication made false claims about the S5’s camera and is now suing the publication’s owners for $284,000. 

After not selling anywhere near the expected number of Galaxy S4 handsets in 2013, Samsung is, understandably, nervous about how its new flagship, the Galaxy S5, will perform. The company has to convince shareholders it can still produce a phone that A) resounds with consumers en masse and B) outsells every other handset on the planet, including Apple’s iPhones. No mean feat. 

Bad press doesn’t help. And the Galaxy S5 has already had its fair share since launching at MWC 2014 back in February, with most of the negativity being leveled at the handset’s appearance – apparently it is far too similar to last year’s Galaxy S4. Others made bones about the amount of available storage on 16GB versions of the handset.

This is the first time we’ve heard of a technology company going after a publication for writing bad things about its products. Samsung contends the report contains false, potentially damaging information. The fact that it reflects negatively on the Galaxy S5 is – apparently – merely an aside. Hmmm.

It’s worth noting Electric Times is standing by its report, claiming everything contained within it is factually correct. You can read the full release here, although it’s worth nothing the page is translated for Korean and isn’t exactly easy to read.

We’ve reached out to Samsung for some comment on this and will update as soon as we know more. 


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