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New Concept Imagines iOS 7 Running On Next-Gen iPhone


New Concept Imagines iOS 7 Running On Next-Gen iPhone

I love following latest iOS 7 concepts especially when they are gorgeous and we've already seen a tons of iOS 7 concepts, some of the ugly and the other is beautiful and shiny like the sun. Today we are going to add a new concept made by a German blog where they imagine iOS 7 running on Apple's next generation iPhone...

The concept is very amazing as it especially focus on the iPhone's lock-screen by adding some cool features, weather widget and of course a new way to slide to unlock, I have uploaded some images for the concept and a video mockup below.. So I hope you love it...
The most thing I love is the lock-screen clock, looks amazing right ?
And finally here's the mockup video: 

In my opinion this is the most beautiful iOS 7 concept I've ever seen until now.. Many concepts from what I've seen previous looks like I am using a Windows Phone OS on my iPhone... So guys do you like the above concept or not ? Share your thoughts in our comment section...

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