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New Apple Patent Reveals How iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Will Work


New Apple Patent Reveals How iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Will Work

A new patent show that iPhone’s new Home Button is going to play the role of a fingerprint scanner. It has been strongly rumored that the sensor will be built inside the Home button, but that will also lead to a problem.

Remember that the main purpose of the Home button has always been navigation, and the user is able to come to the home screen by pressing it.

If a fingerprint sensor is placed, the users will need to be careful because if they press it accidently.

Patently Apple recently discovered a European patent that shows that Apple engineers have made a patent for a Home button with a sensor ring. It somewhat displays the iPhone 5S packaging that was leaked last week from China.
The metal ring shows that it will detect electrical charge changes when a finger is brushed, and there will be no need to press the button but only the finger needs to be hovered. Apart from the fingerprint, the patent also suggests other sensors such as optical input/output as well as NFC. The patent goes on to say that fingerprint/NFC hybrid button can also be introduced in smart watches, Macs ad iPads.
The patient indicates something about the 5S, but not everything is related with the soon to be released handset. Apple is expected to focus only on one or two things described in the patent and keep other things for future releases. It seems likely, and analysts also say, that the fingerprint scanner will make way in iPhone 5S.

The documents show that fingerprint/NFC technology is expected to be implemented on more devices in the future.

So what do you think guys ? Would it be a good idea to see a fingerprint sensor on your iPhone ?

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