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New analyst referring for a gold iPhone 5S and 128 GB model


New analyst referring for a gold iPhone 5S and 128 GB model

Recently Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, sent out a note regarding the predictions he made to Apple’s next handset to investors. He has been accurately predicting in the past, so his words have a lot of weight.
The note reveals that he expects iPhone 5S to come with a sapphire-covered Home button, A7 chip, a built in standard stuff, but the most interesting of the features he mentioned are the 128 GB storage memory and gold colorway.

Expectations of the process from the analyst
“We reckon A7 will upgrade memory bandwidth spec to LPDDR3 from LPDDR2 adapted by A6, in an effort to improve system performance. Since Apple is in charge of both hardware and OS design, it is capable of minimalizing memory capacity at an optimized state. Therefore, A7’s RAM will likely be unchanged at 1GB.”
The references have already been seen in iOS 7 for A7 chip, so it appears to make sense. He may also be right about the 1 GB RAM, because there have been no solid evidence for 2GB to be featured.

Coming over to the camera, Kuo thinks it’s going to be the same 8 mega-pixel sensor offering, but the aperture will be enhanced to F2.0 and there’s also backing for the dual LED flash for better photos in low light conditions. This prediction can perhaps end up in vein as most reports point towards a 13 mega-pixel camera. Now about the home button with the sensor, the analyst has been talking about finger print sensor since few months, and he continues to do so. He also believes there would be sapphire present to secure it from possible scratches.

KGI Securities also forecasts about the gold colorway model and the 128 GB storage, which may be possible as Apple has already released an iDevice with the storage – the iPad.

These predictions make a good depiction of what the iPhone 5S will look like. The final story will be unveiled on September 10th. Are you excited? 

(Via MacRumors)

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