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New Alleged iPhone 5S Spotted With China Compulsory Certificate Markings


New Alleged iPhone 5S Spotted With China Compulsory Certificate Markings

A lot has been said about Apple’s iPhone plans in China. The fruit company is going to unveil iPhone 5S and 5C in few days, and there are reports that a deal have been made with China’s largest carrier. This makes today’s shell leak more intriguing as it comes with markings of China Compulsory Certificate. CCC, just like the mark from FCC in U.S., is required for products that China imports. They stand for that the device is safe to use, and doesn’t interfere with emergency and govt systems.

The image was posted on and spotted by 9to5Mac. The marks suggested that the phone can possibly arrive in China sooner than expected. It takes 4 to 8 months to get CC certified, so if Apple has gotten certification, it may be planning to sell 5S soon.

China Telecom has also hinted that they are going to offer the handset as Apple realizes the importance of the Chinese market for their profits. The CEO Tim Cook has also made several trips to the country and has frequently mentioned China in earnings call. More importantly, Apple also sent out invitations to a special event that is going to take place on September 11 in Beijing.
Not sure what they would be introducing in Beijing, perhaps the iPhone 5C, or something else? We’re not sure at this point, but China should start preparing for Apple.

You see, according to Wikipedia, it usually takes between 4 and 8 months to get certified by The China Quality Certification Centre. So if Apple has already gone through that process, then perhaps it’s nearing an approval to sell the 5S in the country.

And a sooner-than-later iPhone launch in China wouldn’t be surprising. Don’t forget, China Telecom has all but confirmed it’s going to be carrying the handset on day 1 this year, as Tim Cook and company begin to realize the importance of the market.

So what do you think guys ?

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