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New Alleged iPad 5 Casing Compared To Current Model In New Video


New Alleged iPad 5 Casing Compared To Current Model In New Video

September 10 only 5 days away, and the world is talking about the release of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. However, that’s not all to look forward to this year, as the iPad Mini and iPad 5 are also coming in October. One of those iPads, the larger one, was recently caught in the video.

Check out this video: 
The credit of the video goes to Lewis Hilsenteger who runs the video channel Unbox Therapy. He believes he possess the digitizer and real shell belonging to the fifth-generation iPad.

Watching the video shows noticeable difference in size between the upcoming full-sized iPad and its older version. As rumored, the new design of the 9.7 inch tablet has rounded edges and small bezels, pretty similar to iPad mini’s look.
iPad 5’s thinner and lighter design may very well lead to increase in sales due to the portability factor.
Apart from the outside factor, there’s not much told in the video, and there haven’t been much detail about the internals was well.

October is the expected month for next gen iPads, where you will also get to see Macs and perhaps some other releases.

Are you excited about the iPad 5? Or do you think Apple’s tablets are not going to do well. Feel free to leave comments.


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