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Need For Speed World Launching Nov.31.2010


Need For Speed World Launching Nov.31.2010

nfsw-01-031610 It’s rare to get excited for a Need for Speed project. Sure, it’s a reliable franchise that’s spawned a number of good, and sometimes great titles as of late, but innovation is hardly its strong suit. Considering the series’ track record, I was surprised to find that one of EA’s most ambitious and innovative upcoming titles is Need for Speed World, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online racer for the PC. It’s the largest Need for Speed title yet, offering a potential platform for limitless updates, and it could easily become the last Need for Speed game EA will ever need to make.
Imagine a world not unlike the one found in Burnout Paradise and Test Drive Unlimited. Now, imagine those worlds with persistent online multiplayer functionality. Essentially, that’s what Need for Speed World is. Even at its pre-beta stage, the gameworld is incredibly expansive, spanning over 150 miles of playable road, comprised of a "best of" tasting menu from the entire Need for Speed franchise. If there have been certain tracks, certain environments and certain streets you have enjoyed in previous games: chances are, you may find them in Need for Speed World.


Source: Joystiq

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