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Moto X Developer edition goes up for sale for $649


Moto X Developer edition goes up for sale for $649


As promised by Motorola, the developer edition of the Moto X is now up for sale on its website in the United States. The developer edition is available in two variants – GSM and Verizon (CDMA). 

Internally, the specs of the developer variants remain the same as the carrier variants of the Moto X, except that they come with 32GB of on-board storage space. Externally, the handsets cannot be customized by users prior to placing an order, but Motorola will be shipping the handsets with a two-tone color job – white back with a black front and the words ‘DEVELOPER EDITION’ etched on the back of the handset.

The bootloader of the handset comes locked by default, but is easily unlockable using the official bootloader unlock tool from Motorola. Right now, the Verizon (CDMA) version of the developer edition Moto X is in stock for $649, with the GSM version being shown as out of stock.

Keep in mind that unlocking the bootloader of the handset will void its warranty as well.


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