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Motif: Give Your iPhone’s UI A Reboot [Theme]


Motif: Give Your iPhone’s UI A Reboot [Theme]

As an iPhone user, you should be in love with some themes and as most of you know, there is a tons of iPhone themes available in Cydia store, some of them is useless or looks bad, but today we are here to help you to choose one of the most amazing iPhone themes called Motif.

Motif is a new darker toned iPhone theme by a couple of really talented guys that call themselves MU. Like any good theme, it’s expansive, with enough icons (for stock and 3rd party apps), UI graphics and Cydia add-ons to completely change the look of your device.
Remember, Motif theme requires Winterboard, which means you will have to install Winterboard on your jailbroken iPhone before downloading the theme on your iPhone... 

The first thing you are going to notice after installing Motif theme on your device is, a new lock-screen,  new statue bar, new designed app icons, new dial pad and more.... 

As far as how Motif looks, I find myself torn. I really like the darker (brown?) UI elements, and some of the icons. But I have to say, there’s also a lot of stuff I don’t like. For instance, I’m not fond of the signal bars in the Status bar (they look way out of place), and I could do without the brown and gold Dial pad. I also dislike how the toggles look, and some of the icons are hard to identify.

But that's doesn't mean that the theme is bad.. If you are interested in Motif theme, you can find it in Cydia, in the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo, for $4.

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