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More indication that Apple is working on a 12+ inch iPad


More indication that Apple is working on a 12+ inch iPad

It was outrageous for most of us when reports suggested that Apple was working on a 12(plus) inch iPad, because it already has a 9.7-inch and it is also important to note that the iPad Mini is outdoing its bigger sized counterparts.

Today’s report suggest that Apple is indeed working onto build a mammoth iPad and has already started using Quanta Computer to get it done.

The report was published on United Daily News and was pointed out by Macotakara (Google translated):.
“Quanta notebook shipments by 2014 fear continues to decline, coupled with major customers Apple notebook shipments next year will decline, even two days to sell off foreign Dada ten thousand wide. But the market also reported, Quanta is working with Apple to develop large-size 12-inch iPad.”
What’s strange is that Quanta Computer mostly supplies MacBook computers, and tablet production has been done over the years by Pegatron and Foxconn, but the reports suggest that the company is looking to add more to their line.

Originally, the 12-inch iPad news surfaced 4 months ago, when ETNews, a Korean publication, claimed that Apple was working on a 12.9 inch tablet (diagonal measure), and the report was confirmed by the WSJ two months later.

While there is no confirmation about this development, you can look forward to Retina iPad Mini and iPad 5 in October.

Would you like to see a 12+ inch iPad or are you happy with a smaller size?

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