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Modular LEGO-Like Smartphone Design Cuts Down on Waste


Modular LEGO-Like Smartphone Design Cuts Down on Waste

What a suggestion? A Dutch designer, has suggested a LEGO-like modular smartphone design called Phonebloks. With his suggestion, Dave Hakkens you can swap out features like the WiFi, Antenna, battery, or processor when they are stop working. So, you wouldn't have to throw away the entire phone when one component fails.

The designer decided to use the Thunderclap, a social media amplification platform, to spread the word about his design. As of Wednesday morning, he had achieved his goal of 50,000 supporters — including Demi Lovato. Hakkens is planning another social media push on Oct. 29 to get the attention of phone manufacturers.

While the idea of cutting down on cell phone waste is appealing, such a design would greatly limit design possibilities. The industry also thrives on an upgrade cycle which this design would negate.

Watch the video above, then let us know what you think of Hakkens' concept in the comments.


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