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Mobile Gaming Development For 2017


Mobile Gaming Development For 2017

As digital technology in the mobile space continues to grow, so do game developers make sure that whatever they are making is able to keep up with the pace. Mobile gaming has grown and even exceeded expectations to the extent it is being viewed as a technological development that is bound to shape the entire industry in 2017. Moreover, this battle is not going to end here because some statistics are even saying that mobile gaming will overtake traditional gaming in PCs and consoles if the current growth momentum is maintained.

The battle is all about graphics these days

Smart phones now boast of very powerful CPUs and GPUs which can process data quickly and more efficiently. These developments are nothing but good infrastructures upon which game developers can utilize to come up with games that are stunning and smooth in graphic quality. When modern games are played on a smart phone that has impressive graphic performance, it can draw your attention to the extent of hypnotizing the user. It is also for this reason that game developers will be looking to add more interactivity between users and their games. This enhances the gaming experience and story-telling.

The changes are already being felt at casinos like 7 sultans Online Casino when you play games in iOS gadgets. The combination of stunning graphics with excellent gaming mechanics brings about an immersive gaming experience. What is more, developers will be taking advantage of these features to market their games in a more appealing way.

The concept of VR

The idea of implementing Virtual Reality is not a new thing. But now developers are even thinking of bringing the experience into the mobile platform. The most popular iPhone casino app will now come in VR to add an extra depth of realism in the gameplay.

Already there are a few VR products in the market. The Oculus Rift is the poster child of the virtual reality concept. But other devices offering similar experience have also joined the market. These include the Google Cardboard and the GearVR. These devices have the capacity to turn your Smartphone into a VR hub. What is more, the inclusion of Virtual Reality in game development will soon be a common thing.

Freemium games will be the next big thing among developers

Casinos are giving generous bonuses to those who want to test their games for free. However, other game developers are also expected to follow suit in pursuit for a bigger market share. This will force them to launch freemium games where users will only pay for certain in-game content if they desire to do so. However, whereas the sustainability of this idea has come under sharp criticism, experts argue that there are very many success stories of Freemium game models that have done well in the market before.

Refreshing the retro revolution

Because mobile devices have become more efficient in their functions, developers are thinking that reviving older games to reflect the modern times is a good idea. This is something that some developers have already started doing. They are updating graphics and mechanics of the older games. The advantage is that users will be able to satisfy their nostalgia while also getting a good opportunity to play titles and franchises that have been revitalized. These mobile development steps have already begun finding their way into the industry. So we should definitely expect even more in 2017

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