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Microsoft Officially Launches Its $200 iPhone Trade In Deal


Microsoft Officially Launches Its $200 iPhone Trade In Deal

A couple of days ago we reported to you that Microsoft is working on a deal, that it will be extending its existing $200 iPad trade-in offer to Apple’s iPhone as well. Sure enough, today the promotion has gone live. It’s part of Microsoft’s running #timetoswitch Windows Phone and Windows 8 campaign that encompasses television, print, online and social media channels.
So what does the big Windows company asking for ? The Windows giant has partnered with recycle firm CExchange to lure would-be switchers into bringing in their existing iPhone handset in good working condition for up to $200 credit, redeemable against Microsoft Store purchases…

So if you want to give up your gently expensive iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, Microsoft invites you to visit one of their retail stores, where employees will determine the trade-in value of your handset.

You will then receive a credit that will be loaded to a Microsoft Store gift card, redeemable against any in-store purchase. The one-per-customer promotion, details of which are available on the online Microsoft Store website, expires November 3.

Of course, the software maker is hoping switchers will pick up one of the phones running its own Windows Phone software. At least for some people, Windows Phone with its flattened appearance – rather than Android – may be the closest approximation of iOS 7.
To be eligible for trade-in, device should include power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected. Microsoft Store gift-card value will be equal to trade-in value, and is subject to Microsoft’s discretion and manager approval.
The promotion is a clever attempt on Microsoft’s part to incentivize folks to switch to its ecosystem. Of course, switching ecosystems is easier said than done.

You’ll also have to repurchase your favorite apps on the Windows Phone Store.

So, who’s switching?

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