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Medal Of Honor To Dethrone Modern Warfare 2 On October 12th


Medal Of Honor To Dethrone Modern Warfare 2 On October 12th

MOHps3PFT_front_prelimThe competition for modern warfare shooters is slim, while there isn’t too many, two giant franchises are battling amongst each other in a battle to see who’s the king in the first person shooter online genre.  While some claim that Modern Warefare 2 is great, others think that Battlefield Bad Company 2 brings new things and offers gameplay that Call of Duty will never match.  If you’re unsure of either, Medal of Honor is ready to jump in and show you what real warfare is all about.


EA has been hard at work making sure the next Medal of Honor game will be something that the existing fans will appreciate and possibly bring some new gamers over.  The game will be based on a real world situation, such as the war in Afghanistan amongst other happenings in the world.  What better way to convince new gamers to come over and play the multiplayer than to hire the people behind BF BC 2 D.I.C.E to be in charge of the multiplayer portion of the game, which should be a great sign and a confidence booster when it comes to the next game in this highly anticipated franchise.  Lets hope D.I.C.E does a great job as they did with the Battlefield series.  Metal of Honor will be available for the PC, PS3 and the Xbox 360 on October 12, 2010.  Stay tuned with as we bring you the latest news on EA next big game.


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