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Like the gold iPhone 5s? HTC has a gold One.


Like the gold iPhone 5s? HTC has a gold One.

Announced earlier this week, the iPhone 5s comes in three colors: white, “space gray”, and gold. Now say you don’t want to switch to iOS, but you really want a gold phone however. What’s a big papa like you going to do? Well, HTC has got your (hairy?) back. Images of a gold HTC One have surfaced in China, and while there aren’t any details as to when it’ll hit the market, something tells me that it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Should you still even buy the One, despite the fact that it’s over half a year old? If you’re not a spec junkie, then sure, why not? The Snapdragon 600 in there paired with 2 GB of RAM is a powerful combination. The screen is widely praised as being one of the best ever put into a smartphone. And then there’s the front facing speaker. Never before have I heard so many people say so many nice things about the speakers on a smartphone.

But would I buy an HTC One? No. I don’t like Sense. I don’t like HTC’s wishy-washy software update policies, and I’m a bit of a size queen. Samsung’s phones are often smaller than HTC’s phones, but they have a bigger screen. That’s what I want. That and a larger battery and microSD card slot.


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