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LG’s New Android Based Phone Coming May 20th


LG’s New Android Based Phone Coming May 20th

lg-ally-youtube-grab  Well, this hasn’t exactly followed the usual smartphone launch route, but LG has now officially confirmed the existence of its new Android-powered LG Ally handset, although it’s still not doing much talking about the phone itself. It has, however, revealed that the phone will be available on May 20th (presumably on Verizon, though LG oddly doesn’t mention a carrier in its press release), and that it will naturally feature plenty of Iron Man 2 tie-in content, including an augmented reality application of some sort. Otherwise, LG is only saying that the phone will have a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keypad, and it’s pointing folks towards an Iron Man 2 tie-in site (linked below) that, last we checked, still says to check back on April 30th. 36543-hi-lg_logoWe should be getting some more details on the phone soon enough, however, as LG is holding an event in New York on May 11th where it will be showing off the Ally and other "Stark-worthy" technology.


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