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LG unveils new slogan, steals it from Huawei


LG unveils new slogan, steals it from Huawei

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone vendor that makes devices you and I might not be interested in, but budget minded consumers love, changed their slogan in February of this year to “Make it Possible”. Don’t believe me? Here’s the press release. Today, LG is announcing that they too have decided to change their slogan. It used to be “Life’s Good”, but now it’s “It’s All Possible“.

It’s bad enough that LG rips off Samsungs hardware (see Note II versus G Pro), Samsung’s software (see dual camera versus dual shot), and Samsung’s hardware accessories (see QuickWindow versus S-View), but now they’re lifting Huawei’s slogan and tweaking it to make it sound original.

Life’s not good.


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