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LG unveils 5.2″ 1080p LCD that’s 2.2 mm thick


LG unveils 5.2″ 1080p LCD that’s 2.2 mm thick

Remember when the Greek website Techblog (worst name ever, I know) said that the LG G2 would have a 5.2 inch screen last week? Looks like they were right, because LG just announced a new 5.2 inch 1080p LCD in Korea today.

What makes this LCD better than previous LCDs? It’s crazy thin. We’re talking 2.2 millimeters thin. It’s also rated at 535 nits, meaning it’s stupid bright. For the sake of comparison, AnandTech measured the iPhone 5 as having 562 nits. So this screen isn’t the best, but it’s damn close.

When will we see the first devices using this LCD? Like I said earlier, the G2 will have this. I’m now 100% sure of it. And that phone is due to be announced on the 7th of August in New York City. It’ll be LG’s new flagship device, and as pretty and high speced as it’s expected to be, I know I’m going to hate it due to the software and the unnevering feeling that it’s never going to get a software update.

That being said, LG sells their displays to other companies, so look forward to hearing about other companies, maybe even Motorla, making 5.2 inch smartphones available.


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