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LG: No plans for Google Play Edition G2


LG: No plans for Google Play Edition G2

Today’s two best Android smartphones, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, can be purchased straight from Google with pure Android. Unfortunately you have to live in America in order to be able to buy them, but that’s let’s not go there. LG announced their newest flagship phone, the G2, earlier this week, so the guys at Android Community asked the Korean company the question we all want to know the answer to, will this phone be sold with stock Google software?

The answer is unfortunately no, not right now, but plans “could change down the road”. Truth be told, what I really want to see is the LG G2 be used as a template for this year’s new Nexus smartphone. Yes, I fully understand that a Nexus version of the G2 would have to priced far higher than previous Nexus devices due to the advanced components involved, but I don’t care, and I’m most of you also feel that way.

I really want to like the G2, because on paper it’s amazing, but I just can’t stand LG’s software, LG’s lack of original design, and their complete lack of commitment to software updates.

A Nexus would solve all three of those issues.

[Image Credit: GigaOM]


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