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Jony Ive Has Apparently Made His Mark On Every Corner Of iOS: Panoramic Wallpapers, Toggles And More To Come


Jony Ive Has Apparently Made His Mark On Every Corner Of iOS: Panoramic Wallpapers, Toggles And More To Come

With the unveiling of iOS 7 just around the corner the rumor mill is starting to go crazy with proposed information on Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system that is being spearheaded by none other than Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jony Ive.

We have heard it time after time again that Ive is not a fan of Skeuomorphism unlike Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall. As such iOS 7 is without a doubt going to see a visual overhaul this time around.

9To5Mac has recently published an in-depth article highlighting just how Ive will change the look of certain areas of iOS. They have stated that iOS 7 focuses on the look and feel of the iOS device software rather than on several new features and we couldn’t agree more.


In the report on iOS 7 is summed up as “black, white, and flat all over,” which obviously refers to the dropping of heavy textures and the addition of several new black and white user interface elements.

9To5Mac did state that Apple has re-architected iOS 7′s new interface several times, so until the new software is announced at WWDC there is no guarantees that what their sources have told them will stick, but it is still an interesting read that highlights  just how Ive could visually change iOS. We are not going to go over every single detail, but rather highlight a few key areas.

If you were expecting iOS 7 to feature just a few overhauled areas then think again. It was stated that “Ive has not simply picked areas of the software design to tweak. He has essentially made his mark on every corner of the operating system,  all while mostly keeping the essence of what has made iOS so ubiquitous.”

Examples of how Ive plans to overhaul iOS can be found with the Lockscreen:


With iOS 7, Apple will drop the shiny, transparent time bar on the top of the Lock screen in exchange for a shine-free, black interface. Additionally, the square-grid for entering a pin code has been replaced with round, black buttons with white text and white borders.

Or stock applications that currently are designed with textures:


Many of the linen and leather textures found in iOS [have been replaced], such as in the iPad Calendar app, with flat white and black coloring. For instance, Apple’s Notification Center drop-down panel currently has a dark linen background. In iOS 7, according to people familiar with the software, this design becomes a dark grey/black color with white text.

Who could forget the iconic homescreen:


Most of the Apple-bundled app icons have been redesigned with flatter, less-skeuomorphic textures. Notable app icon changes for “flatness” are present for the Camera and Photos apps, while the Game Center logo loses the green felt and chess pieces. [Although] the Home screen app icons lose shine, shadows and gloss, the buttons are still round and just as tappable.

Apart from re-designing the look of iOS new features such as panoramic wallpapers were reported to be included, along with new widgets for the Notification Center (that include toggles) and of course the already rumored Vimeo and Flickr integration.

What do you think about the proposed changes in iOS 7? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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