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Is Mobile Gaming Real Gaming?

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Is Mobile Gaming Real Gaming?

A gamer can be described as someone who has an affinity to gaming and gaming culture. Whereas, the neutral term ‘player’ someone who plays games on a casual basis. This divide has caused gamers to question is mobile gaming real gaming?

Misconceptions about gamers and gaming have been ongoing for years. Before the validity of mobile gaming was called into question it was the popularised view of gamers. Generally, gamers were viewed as nerdy men typically social outcasts. The idea of an  average gamer was challenged by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) 2014 US industry facts. According to their survey “The average gamer is 35 years old and 72 percent are age 18 or older. Women age 18 and older represent a significantly greater portion of the video game-playing population (31 percent) than boys under age 18 (18 percent).”

Now that things have progressed slightly the area of mobile gaming is now under the microscope. Looking at mobile gaming one might think that it just covers games like Candy Crush or Farmville. Both of which are mainly viewed as storage sapping baby games and rightly so. What many gamers might have failed to notice is the rise of mobile casinos. Funny enough online casino enthusiasts are even called gamers. Thanks to mobile gaming online casinos are raking in billions of dollars each year.

Where did mobile gaming come from?

Everyone who isn’t living under a rock knows how fast mobile gaming has grown. Take a look around you what do you see? People slumped over their mobile phone. What do you think they will have open on their phone Instagram, Facebook or a game/gaming app? If you guessed social media apps like Facebook, then you’re wrong. Recent studies have shown an increase in the amount of time spent playing mobile games. Within the NPD study it was estimated that from 2012-2014 alone there was a 57% increase.

This growth started alongside the development of mobile phones. Coming along way since the early brick like models, mobile devices today are sleek and responsive. Responsive being the keyword that lights up every gamers eyes. Whether you choose to play on the latest console or on a mobile device nothing makes the experience better or worse than an unresponsive handset. When it comes to mobile casinos nothing worse than an unresponsive site. Over past decade mobile phones and mobile sites have improved dramatically. We can all thank Apple and the iPhone for that. Functionality is better, graphics quality is better and the choice of games available is better. Many console fans will be quick to say that this is also true for consoles and console games. While it is true that consoles and console games have also improved, it has been at a much slower pace. This is mainly driven by the fact that mobile gamers tend to have much larger buying power given their average age.

Why mobile gaming?

The obvious answer is freedom. In today’s busy world many gamers choose to play on the go. That simply isn’t a possibility with playing on a console. Imagine taking your console or pc, handset and other accessories on your daily commute. It would be a disaster. Whereas playing the latest Jurassic World slot game or shooter game only requires your phone and Wi-Fi or data. Canadian casino review site say “An ever-increasing number of casino gaming enthusiasts appreciates the many advantages and freedom offered by mobile casinos.” A statement that can be adapted for most mobile gamers.

Thanks to advanced technology more people than ever are gaming. While making gaming more inclusive it has caused a huge divide. A divide perhaps that will carry on into the future.


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