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iPhone Ltd. is bigger than Nike, Coca Cola and Microsoft


iPhone Ltd. is bigger than Nike, Coca Cola and Microsoft

Among all the products Apple has released till this date, the iPhone continues to be number one when it comes to bringing in revenue. However, how much this product alone does for the company can’t be estimated until the iPhone is compared with other things.

It is so much in the lead in revenue generation that you can’t just compare it with single products from other companies. In fact, a comparison is required with other companies as a while.

And the team at Business Week did exactly that by comparing the iPhone to Coca Cola, Nike and Microsoft.

The results say that iPhone’s sales have surpassed the last 4 quarter reports from Microsoft (MSFT), Home Depot (HD), Goldman Sachs (GS), Target (TGT), Comcast (CMCSA), PepsiCo (PEP), Google (GOOG), Dell (DELL), UPS (UPS) and Pfizer (PEE).

If the iPhone alone was the only company on the 500-stock index it would go past 474 of the companies, and would rank between Marathon Petroleum (MPS) ($84.9 billion) and Wells Fargo (WFC) ($90.5 million). The annual revenue of iPhone, $88.4 billion) is 21 of the 30 is the 9th biggest Dow 30 stock and is above 21 of 30 component companies in the average.

The figures show how important the iPhone is – safe to say it’s the leading face of Apple.

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