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iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 [Comparison Video]


iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 [Comparison Video]

Yesterday Apple finally released iOS 7.0.1 for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c which comes with some bugs fixes in Touch ID and new improvements. And if there is one company that is jealous at launch of a new product from Apple, it’s Samsung. So today we've got for you a comparison video between iPhone 5s and Samsung's latest smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4...

A lot of users still waiting for the chance to see a comparison video between two powerful smartphones made by two big companies such as Apple and Samsung... So today Redmondpie has got a video which shows a deadly battle between Apple's latest generation iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4... 

Let the war begin: 

Eleven minutes from fighting. If you’re already heavily invested into either the Apple ecosystem, or the Google Play Store, it may make sense to stick with that platform.

By watching this video, you should take a decision before purchasing any of the two devices.. Do you feel comfortable using a 5-inch screen? Is a 4-inch screen too small? Do I need the addition of a user-replaceable battery that the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers? These are all questions you need to ask yourself, as the answers will significantly differ from one person to the other.

A lot of users still confused and they don't know what device should they purchase.. If you love big screens and Galaxy S4 performance, then I recommend buying Samsung Galaxy S4... While if you like a better battery, better performance (Camera, Touch ID, Slo-Motion and etc...) then I recommend buying iPhone 5s... 

I think it is the right time to take a decision...  So what do you think ? Which one is better ? iPhone 5s or Galaxy S4 ? 

[Video by Redmondpie]

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