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iPhone 5s VS concrete, dirt, water and bullets !


iPhone 5s VS concrete, dirt, water and bullets !

Although we have heard a lot of positive things about the performance of iPhone 5s, many users were interested to know how it is when it comes to endurance. Well this post has the answer you’re looking for, because a video has been recorded by Tech Assassin.

The phone was placed through a lot of endurance courtesy of RatedRR that include drop tests with dirt, water, concrete and then a 50 calibre bullet test. 

The results 

Test with Concrete 

The test with Concrete shows that the drop test was done on hard concrete and the handset was dropped two times, but the phone still remained functional. 

Test with Dirt

The test was failed with dirt, as the screen cracked when the handset was dropped from a certain height to a mud covered ground. 

Test with Water 

The iPhone 5s was dropped into a water bowl and was taken out after a while. Then it was dried for 15 minutes. Surprisingly, all the features were working, including the fingerprint sensor of the handset. 

Test with 50 Calibre Bullets 

‘This test included a man shooting the iPhone 5s while standing. The 50 calibre bullets created a hole at the center of the iPhone in the first attempt, while the second attempt completely shattered the device. 

The results indicate the physical damage the iPhone 5s is capable to withstand. 

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