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iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Video Capture [Review]


iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Video Capture [Review]

Among the features we've seen in Apple's iPhone 5s were a feature called Slo-Mo, and as the name suggests, this feature allows you to record a slow motion video where you can enjoy your best moments and memories in a slow motion time...

The slow motion effect is the result of video that’s captured at a very high frame rate, and then slowed down. This allows you to have video with reduced speed without any herky-jerkyness. The end result is a professional quality slow motion effect that you and your friends will love.

Check out this video: 
If you watched Apple's media event, you will probably know that Slo-Mo mode captures video at a brisk 120 fps, so when you watch the video as you record through the view finder, everything seems really fast and a bit jerky. Once you finish shooting, you can use a scrubber that’s not unlike the editing scrubber used for cutting video. The scrubber allows you to adjust the in and out points for the slow motion effect.

Such feature is very great and useful, I really love using it on my device... But if we had a comparison video between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s in the Slo-Mo feature... Which one would win ? 

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