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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be Apple’s "Most successful product launch ever!"


iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be Apple’s "Most successful product launch ever!"

The release dates of new iPhone models have already been confirmed by several sources. Apple is expected to unveil both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at the media event (following the regular release pattern). 
There are lot of features that have been tipped to make both handsets successful. The iPhone 5S is going to arrive with a 13 mega-pixel camera, fingerprint sensor technology (perhaps), next-generation of A-chip processor and a lot more. The budget iPhone is anticipated mostly because of the tag ‘budget’. 

However, there are mixed views on how the new iPhone models will be received by the public. Well, Global Equities Research MD Trip Chowdhry (he’s also an analyst) thinks that the unveiling of the new iPhone models will mark the most successful product launch in Apple’s history:
"The new iPhones will be massively successful," Chowdhry told Benzinga this morning. "This will be the most successful product launch ever in the history of Apple."
Mr. Chowhry believes the new iPhones are going to be a huge success because he believes that many smartphone owners in countries like Thailand, Malaysia and India buy Android phones with an image that it’s similar to iPhone. A budget iPhone will allow Apple to tap into the low cost smartphone market and take advantage. 

He also believes that patent battle with Samsung is differentiating Cupertino from its competitors. Chowdhry even mentioned the upcoming Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher will ignite positive emotion of consumers towards Apple’s brand image. The statements are surprising and intriguing, as he usually criticizes Apple. He concludes with the statement:
"Innovation does not exist at Apple," Chowdhry affirmed. "Where is Apple TV? Where is iWatch?"
Are you excited about the upcoming iPhone models? Do you want to see Jobs in cinemas near you? Feel free to leave comments.

(Benzinga via BGR)

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