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iPhone 5c Now Available For Pre-order


iPhone 5c Now Available For Pre-order

After watching Apple's media event, I believe that there is a lot of people over there waiting for the chance to order iPhone 5c once it hits Apple store.. Today I would like to say that iPhone 5c now available for pre-order in the 9 initial launch countries.  Just as promised, the Cupertino company began accepting advanced orders for its new, brightly coloured handset just after midnight this morning.

 Still can't decide what device you want to purchase ? Maybe you want to check the following posts: 
If you want my opinion, I would like to tell you, if you want performance and safety, then I recommend you to wait until iPhone 5s pre-order begin, while if you are looking for colour and a less price, then I recommend buying iPhone 5c...

It's your own choice, so take a decision !

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