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iPhone 5C could make Apple number one in China


iPhone 5C could make Apple number one in China

By now most Apple enthusiasts know that September 10th is the date when Apple introduces the next-gen iPhones. Apart from the iPhone 5S (which is going to be offered in gold color, there’s also the budget iPhone 5C that’s going to make way.

Consumers may be more interested in iPhone 5C, as its stated to be of a lower price and offer more or less the same features as high-end iPhones. Katy Huberty from Morgan Staley says that the new release can also boost Apple’s market share in China.

The analyst discusses the AlphyWise poll results, conducted among 2,000 Chinese smartphone owners in a note to investors.

The consumers will still be interested in iPhone if Apple relies on its high-end strategy. Among the surveyed consumers, 23% of potential smartphone purchasers considered iPhone (which is up from the previous survey’s 19% that was held in January). iPhone also tops the list when it comes to intended repurchase rates for smartphones.

iPhone 5C will result in tremendous volume of growth. Chinese consumers think RMB 4,000 or US$486 is ok for the budget iPhone, which is 22% than Apple is expected to price it app. In comparison, the HTC One Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 had lower than expected acceptable prices.

China Mobile and Apple joining hands will increase market share of the fruit company in China. 29% of potential purchases will consider iPhone if it starts working with 4G and 3G China mobile networks.

At the end of the day, the budget iPhone can increase Apple’s market share by 13.3% and reduce Samsung’s market share by 6.7%. If the deal with China Mobile goes through, the market share is estimated to rise by 4.6%.

Let’s see if the budget iPhone 5C can work wonders for Apple. What do you think?

(Source: Fortune)

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