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iPad Has Grown Three Times Faster Than iPhone


iPad Has Grown Three Times Faster Than iPhone

You may thought that iPhone is Apple's fastest growing products. I know that iPhone is sold more units that the iPad- But that's doesn't mean iPhone is number one ! After all, it’s been available since 2007 whereas the iPad debuted three years later – the Apple tablet is growing three times faster than the iPhone.
Today and if you don't believe any word from I've said above, I've got a report for you guys coming with a chart showing you how the iPad has grown three times faster than iPhone and iPod Touch devices...

The report comes to you by Mary Meeker, one of the world’s top Internet analysts. Read on for more tidbits… So let us see what the chart is saying.
Apple pundit John Gruber observed on his Daring Fireball blog:
iPad has grown three times faster than iPhone did. This might be the most overlooked/underestimated fact about Apple today.
iTunes U isn’t doing too bad either.
Apple in late-February announced that cumulative iTunes U downloads topped one billion, with 250,000 students enrolled in the service and content from 1,200 colleges, universities and K-12 schools. As for competition, Apple pales in comparison with Samsung’s incredible growth.
The following slide really tells how the iPhone changed everything.

The post-PC revolution is happening, make no mistake about it.
Although the above table doesn’t show it, most vendors in the desktop/notebook space are seeing very little growth amid market contraction, as opposed to the meteoric rise of post-PC world device (i.e. smartphones and tablets).
And guess who has the most to lose in this brave new post-PC world? That’s right, Microsoft and Intel. It’s astounding that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android combined control 60 percent of the computing OS share versus 35 percent for Windows.


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