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iOS Remains Developers "First Choice", Report Shows


iOS Remains Developers "First Choice", Report Shows

iOS is considered as the most popular operating system that developers prefer to use on their devices, and I am not the one who is saying iOS remains developers "First Choice", but that's what reports and studies is showing... Check out for more details after the jump:

According to Forrester, 35 percent of the North American and European software developers surveyed during the first quarter of 2013 picked the iPhone as their priority device. Under a third (27 percent) of the 1,600 developers picked Android.

This seems to reflect other research finding a preference for iOS among developers. Among the key likely reasons for the difference: app revenue, according to TechCrunch.

A recent Flurry study found a wide disparity in how much developers earn from iOS versus Android.

Check out the following table: 
As expected, overall Android gets more overall developer interest, 84 percent versus 77 percent according to Forrester. But when it comes to individual priorities, iOS continues to lead Google’s mobile software.

Also you can see that Apple's iPad lead over Android tablets... 

Again, this contest essentially has only two contestants: Apple and Android. Everyone else is left far in the dust. For instance, Windows RT tablets “are being largely ignored by developers,” according to Forrester.

As an Apple fanboy, you must be proud that you own a valuable device between your hands... So what do you think guys ? Are you an Android user or Apple ? 

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