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iOS 7 vulnerability lets anyone bypass iPhone’s lockscreen


iOS 7 vulnerability lets anyone bypass iPhone’s lockscreen

The iOS 7 has already been installed on 1/3 iOS devices as we reported previously after its public release. However, it is not free from glitches and vulnerabilities just like iOS 6. A recently discovered vulnerability exploit allows attackers to go past the lock screen using a sequence of touches.

This sequence isn’t easy to achieve – but isn’t impossible to pull off as well. It gives the attacker access to personal data, apps and social media accounts.

The exploit was first discovered by YouTube user Jose Rodriguez (via Forbes):

You can even attempt to see how the exploit works. The steps you have to follow include:
First of all, make an upward swipe on the lock screen to open the Notification Center.

Next, open the Alarm Clock.

Now long press the power button. Doing so will present you with options to ‘Cancel’ or ‘Power Off’.

Choose cancel among the two options and double tap the Home button quickly to open multitasking.
After the last step, you will be able to access any of the app that’s currently active in the background. This is quite unsafe, but it has been reported that Apple is aware of this issue and are currently working to release a new fix.

After iOS 7.0.1 release and no fix, we should get to see the iOS 7.0.2 update sooner than later. Until it gets released, the other way to stay safe is to go to Settings app and toggle off Control Center access of the lock screen.

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