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iOS 7 Tops Android, BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8 In User Experience [SURVEY]


iOS 7 Tops Android, BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8 In User Experience [SURVEY]

It has only been a week since the release of iOS 7, and it’s already the most talked about software on the net as off now. After above 200 million users upgraded to the new firmware OS, a new survey shows that it has bypassed Android, BlackBerry and Windows 8 devices when it comes to user experience.

iOS 7 was rated at 73.25, while Android only had 57.25 (also behind Apple’s iOS 6 that scored at 70). BlackBerry 10 ended up in fourth place while Microsoft Windows 8 was in fifth place at 47.25. The Pfeiffer Report also said on Wednesday that iOS 7 comes with a ‘clear advantage of overall user experience’.

Here, check the following chart:
Apart from the user experience, the source also took note of the effort a user makes to get used to mobile software. This includes the number of apps, widgets and other things already loaded on the software. The lower score is better in this case.

iOS 6 had a score of 32, iOS 7 scored 40 – equal to Windows 8 phone. BlackBerry 10 was in third place while Android came in last at 162.
As for the features such as multitasking, settings and the likes, Android and Apple tied leaving Windows Phone and BlackBerry behind. But Android did beat Apple in customization.

“from the almost dizzying granularity of Android’s options, to the starkness of Windows Phone 8, which allows hardly any user-level customization.”
The report however didn’t include those who had jailbroken their devices.

The firm reporting also talked about UXF or user experience friction.

“Basically, UXF occurs whenever a device does not do what you expect it to do – or lacks a key feature that should be available,”
Apple was number 1 and 2 in this case while Android came third and BlackBerry 10 came fourth. Windows Phone managed the last spot.

Looks like users are loving iOS 7. Do you love iOS 7 ? Share your thoughts in our comment section... 

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