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iOS 7 launch caused a 112% internet traffic spike


iOS 7 launch caused a 112% internet traffic spike

Apple announced a record breaking iPhone 5c and 5s 9 million unit sales in the first weekend, and also revealed that above 200 million users have upgraded to iOS 7 since its public release. The adopted have been so great that it may have caused a 112% internet traffic spike.

One estimate shows that the increase in traffic may be coming at a rate of 2.2 terabyte data per second, in form of 6.3 million downloads in an hour. Akami’s real time monitor shows that internet traffic was 112% above the normal traffic last Wednesday at 4 pm. (3 hours after the roll out of iOS 7 at East Coast).

Moreover, 16 hours later after the release at 1 pm on Wednesday, 1/3 device owners had the upgrade installed.

CEO Tim Cook said that next month, the 700 millionth iDevice will be coming out of assembly line. Phillip Elmer-DeWitt from Fortune says:
If 50% of the iDevices are still under use, “it puts the number of initial iOS 7 downloads at roughly 100 million, or 6.3 million per hour,”
The speed of adoption is somewhat a record set. The launch of iOS 7 has gone without any disturbances and received positive reviews all around.

The latest Press Release from Tim Cook revealed:
“This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales”.
Apple has also stated that above 11 million users have tuned into iTunes Radio (and its currently available for U.S. only, imagine that).

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