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iOS 7 GM Brings New Camera Burst Mode To Your iPhone


iOS 7 GM Brings New Camera Burst Mode To Your iPhone

After Apple introduced iPhone 5s and 5c with their great improvements and nice features, Apple released iOS 7 GM (Golden MAster) which considered as Apple's latest betas.. iOS 7 GM can play with the latter feature right now. Simply open up your Camera app, and when you go to take a photo, hold your finger down on the shutter to take continuous, rapid shots…
The feature being in iOS 7 GM is notable for two reasons. For one, as we said above, it gives you the chance to play with the new continuous burst mode early. And two, Apple never mentioned whether or not it would work with devices other than the iPhone 5s.
Unfortunately Burst mode will not work so great on iPhone 5/iPhone 4S and iPad 3 running on iOS 7 GM, nd assume that unless there are big hardware limitations, that it works with the iPhone 4s as well. Keep in mind there are several ‘burst mode’ apps in the App Store.

It’s also worth noting, though, that the feature does not offer what Apple calls a "real time analysis" of your photos. That’s where your phone looks at all of the photos you’ve taken and suggests individual shots or a sequence of photos that you might like best.

So have you used this new feature or not ?

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