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iOS 7 Download: How To Install iOS 7 On Your iPhone [Video]


iOS 7 Download: How To Install iOS 7 On Your iPhone [Video]

Yesterday Apple finally released iOS 7 final to the public and almost all of us tried it on their devices.. We have been closely monitoring the progress that iOS 7 has been making throughout its beta stages, and most of us have mixed opinions about Apple’s new shiny mobile software.

iOS 7 is finally here and it is full of new improvements and bugs fixes, if you've been using iOS 7 from the first beta, you will see a huge different from stability..

Yesterday, I've read a lot of comments from our readers, and a lot of people were stuck and they couldn't download it on their devices.. So I decided to write this post and discuss each problem, users faced it while they were trying to update..

Depending on your situation, you may want to update over the air (OTA) or via a tethered connection to a computer using iTunes, either will work fine (or should do when Apple’s servers are performing as they should).
Users on iOS 6.x.x, can easily update their devices to iOS 7 via OTA, by going to Settings--->General---> Software Update and download iOS 7.ipsw from your iPhone.. Just make sure to have a good Wi-Fi..

f, however, you’re updating via your computer, then you’ll need the most up to date version of iTunes, which is iTunes 11.1, and your device connected via USB. Apple’s servers are still currently having issues, so we would recommend directly downloading the IPSW for your specific device and using that to update. Once you have everything, simply follow the steps outlined in the video and you’ll be running iOS 7 in no time! Both iOS 7 final for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iTunes 11.1 for PC and Mac are linked at the end of this post.
Keep in mind there is no jailbreak available for iOS 7, which means if you updated your iPhone to this new software, you will lose your jailbreak..

Also you will be shocked in the first few hours after updating your iPhone to iOS 7, I know that feeling.. iOS 7 is fully colorful, newly designed.. So take a few comfort hours to get used on it...

iOS 7 Download 
So did you update your iPhone to iOS 7 yet ?

[Video via Redmondpie]

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