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iOS 7 accounts for 50% iOS web traffic in just 7 days


iOS 7 accounts for 50% iOS web traffic in just 7 days

It has been a week since the public release of iOS 7, and it already represents 52% of online traffic of all iDevices combined, an internet firm Chitika reports. The source also said that after the release, the new software accounted for 18% of total Apple web traffic within 24 hours. 

Apple iOS 6 went to 30% web traffic in 3 days, and took quite few months before reaching the 83% mark. iOS 7 on the other hand has taken the traffic by lightning speed.

The iOS 7 numbers climbed from 18% to 32% within 48 hours.

Other reports also reveal positive adoption. We covered how 1/3 of total iOS device users updated to iOS 7 on the day of its release, while the web traffic increased by 112% as users went for updating their device.

So what has enabled such a fast rate of adoption?

Perhaps because of the fact that Apple made it pretty easy to update the software with a simple press of a button, and there wasn’t any need to update OTA or through iTunes. This is also the reason why Apple users update to latest software 6 times more than Android users.

Another reason can be that iOS 7 works pretty well on older iDevices, unlike OS X for Mac, which doesn’t work well on old computers.

Apple is also informed that iOS 7 use is growing outside West Europe and North America. Countries like China, India and Africa are showing a lot of interest.

Apple has also made iOS 7 available to ensure that the handset remains alive, unlike Android who have made previous handsets obsolete in most cases.

Have you updated to iOS 7? You may be missing out on a lot.

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