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iModGame: The Best Hack For All iOS Games


iModGame: The Best Hack For All iOS Games

As most of you know, almost all of the games contains iAP feature (Inside App Purchase) Which allows you to pay some dollars to get more cash and upgrades to the game.. Jailbreak gives us the opportunity to use some kind of hacks like iAP Cracker which allows you to hack some games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and more... But there is a lot of apps iAP Cracker doesn't support, and here comes iModGame

iModGame is a new and popular hacking tool which works with offline and online games, the tweak will give you an infinite cash and everything you want for almost all the games... I've used iModGame on my jailbroken iPad and it worked so great on many of apps that didn't work with iAP Cracker... 

NOTE: in order to hack a game using iModGame, you must purchase 100 point which is equal $1, but I am ready to pay $1 to enjoy using hack in any app I want. 

Here's how to Install iModGame on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch: 

STEP 1: Open Cydia
STEP 2: Go To Manage---> Sources and Add the following repo:
STEP 3: Tap on Add Source, and wait until the repo is installed on your iPhone and then install iMod.Game

Now open iModGame, and then you will find a list for the installed games on your device, for example tap on any app you want to hack and you will see a different types of hacking tools..
As you can see in the picture above, I've purchased 100 point and enabled it for a game called Eternity Warriors 2, and simply after purchasing a 100 mod point and enabling the mod for the game, I've got an infinite money, and double EXP.. I can tel you this game didn't work with iAP Cracker, I've already tried it..

And here's a screenshot from inside the game, after I hacked it: 
iModGame is not free for users who are not ready to pay a $0.99 for a hacker who spent a large time bringing hack to many popular games and that's includes EA and Gameloft games too... And today GangStar Vegas hack is available: 
Any game from the App Store and you want to hack it, simply you can use iModGame..  For more information about this hack and what does it do, go to iModGame official website


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