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IDC: Phablets are all the rage in Asia


IDC: Phablets are all the rage in Asia

When Samsung launched the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note two years ago, they were heavily mocked. Even I admit to throwing some tomatoes at them. But then the Note II changed everything. It was narrower, which made it easier to hold, and by that time a device with an even larger 5.5 inch screen didn’t seem too crazy to comprehend. With one day to go until Samsung unveils the Note III, it’s no surprise to see a new report from IDC saying phablets kicked serious ass in Asia in Q2 2013.

What exactly is a phablet? Going by the definition IDC uses, it’s a smartphone with a screen that measures anywhere between 5.0 inches to 7.0 inches. Now yes, that would make the Galaxy S4 a phablet, but trust me, after using the Galaxy Mega 6.3 for a month, picking up an S4 felt like picking up a toy for small children.

Circling back to IDC, they define “kick butt” as overtaking “shipments of each of the portable PC and tablet device categories in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) in the second quarter of 2013.” In other words, more people bought big phones than bought tablets or computers.

Should you get a phablet? It’s a really personal decision. Some people like cars with two doors that are ultra low to the ground. Others want a four dour SUV that can be used to drive up a mountain. Neither group is right or wrong, they just have different needs.

And even then, your needs may change over time. My next phone will either be the 4.7 inch Moto X or the 5.7 inch Galaxy Note III, and they couldn’t be more different on the size spectrum.


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