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iCloud Beta Comes With iOS 7 Style Design, Here’s Your Gallery


iCloud Beta Comes With iOS 7 Style Design, Here’s Your Gallery

Well this is awesome, after Apple introduced iOS 7 from a few months ago.. Today, the company has issued a major revamp to its Beta website. The enhanced experience focuses on an all-new yet familiar look which takes more than a few clues from iOS 7, to put it mildly.
But rather than draw snippets of inspiration from the forthcoming iOS 7 refresh, Apple has taken it upon itself to actually recreate the complete iOS 7 look and feel, right in your web browser and down to the flattened icons, minimalistic look and light fonts.

That background is taken from iOS 7, by the way. It’s animated smoothly on my mid-2011 MacBook Air, right in the Safari browser – it’s pretty incredible. Just don’t try turning your Mac upside down or shake it.

I've taken a lot of screenshots for the new redesigned iCloud beta... I'm sure you will truly love it...
And here's the account section: 
You gotta love the circular selector in the profile image manager.
iCloud mail is faster and more responsive: 
Check out the “app switcher”, it looks great! Notice the new Home button which takes you right back to your iCloud Home screen. Again, just like in iOS. Streamlining, indeed.
iCloud contacts, just like in iOS 7: 
You will face a lot of problems when using the iCloud beta because it is in "BETA". For example here's a bug we've spotted: 
iCloud Calender: 

All told, I’m sure you’ll agree this is very well done. I’m curious as to whether this apparent streamlining of iCloud web apps indicates the possibility of a flat OS X down the road.
There’s no escaping the fact that OS X Mavericks is a mixed bag of clean and skeuomorphic design (we’re looking at you, Reminders!) as Apple surely isn’t done yet with the de-Forstallization of the Mac operating system.


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