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HTC planning to launch Android Smartwatch with camera next year


HTC planning to launch Android Smartwatch with camera next year


Yesterday, in an interview with Financial Times, HTC’s senior executives said that the company is closely following the wearable technology market but does not plan on entering it anytime soon, since it is still in its nascent stages.

Now, Bloomberg is reporting that HTC has already started working on a smartwatch that it will be releasing in the second half of 2014. A person familiar with the matter has told Bloomberg that the smartwatch will be running on Android [Duh! Ain’t that obvious?] and will also be able to click pictures. Other aspects like the final features and sales strategy will be decided before the watch is ready for public release in the second half of 2014.

HTC is looking to survive the competitive mobile space by expanding into other segments including tablets and wearable technology.

What HTC needs to realize is that people don’t want a camera or a music player on their smartwatch. Instead, they want a watch that can reliably show them all the notifications from their paired Android device, and easily lasts a week on a single charge.

Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Gear was more of a mini smartphone on your wrist with poor battery life leading to an underwhelming response from the public.


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