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HTC inks a deal with SRCH2 for 31x faster searching experience on its devices


HTC inks a deal with SRCH2 for 31x faster searching experience on its devices


In a bid to differentiate itself from other competing OEMs in the mobile industry, HTC has signed up an agreement with an enterprise search startup created by some experienced ex-Googlers.

The startup – SRCH2 – will be bringing the ability to search as you type to HTC devices in the future. This new search solution will be incorporated into the company’s Sense skin and will allow its users to quickly and efficiently get to the relevant data. The search will be geo-location aware as well for providing the users with accurate results.

Their website does make some big claims, including a search experience that is up to 31x times faster than Google themselves.

Founded by Stanford PhDs and ex-Googlers, based on a decade of award-winning and patented research, funded by data industry insiders and top tier venture firms, built to address the search needs of modern data-driven applications.

Our advanced software gives you rich features no one else can provide– not even Google: instant type forward, rapid geo search, error correction, custom rankings, real time updates, massive scale in one framework. The software is faster than the industry standard and the many search engines built on top of it. We mean super-fast. Blazing fast. 31x faster.

I expect fruits of this agreement to show up on future HTC devices, particularly the One’s successor.


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